Hearts Unfolding

Hearts Unfolding is a small collection of worship songs that has been sitting for a long time in my songbook. After about ten years, I finally recorded them in my home studio and found the courage to make them available online. I'm playing and singing it all.

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The Songs

Hearts Unfolding

(Bader/Wilson) SOCAN, CCLI

The title track was written as a long-distance collaboration with Eva Wilson, a songwriter from Texas. It is meant as a congregational worship song, comparing group worship to a flower's unfolding petals.


Let our hearts unfold as one
God of Glory
Hearts wide open in the Son
Reaching for Your light above

You are giving and forgiving
Your mercies flow
You’re our only hope for living
Pouring down your grace and love

Hearts unfolding in your name
Father, draw us near
In your presence, God, we offer you our praise

May our songs reveal surrender
Delighting in you
May our voices raise together
In wide-open, unbroken praise

I Believe

(Bader/Candy/Loewen) SOCAN, CCLI

This song is another collaboration which began as a set of lyrics written by Kirsten Candy. I did some rearranging with my friend Wayne Loewen, and wrote some music to fit. Jay Schappert is playing the piano.


Lord Jesus how I love you
I love your saving grace
Lord Jesus I receive you
Into my heart, into my heart

Holy Spirit, how I need you
I need your spirit of love
Holy Spirit, I receive you
Into my soul, into my soul

And I receive your love
I receive forgiveness
I receive your grace
And I believe you gave life never-ending
I believe in you

Father God, how I trust you
I trust your precious care
Father God, I receive you
Into my life, into my life



Complete my love, complete my joy, complete my life.


You feed me with your word
You cleanse my heart
Complete my love

Your love it drives my fears away
I know that I'm with you
Complete my love

You make my love complete

You bless my fields
You bless my working hands
Complete my joy

I hear your voice
You're calling me to face, to overcome
Complete my joy

You give me strength of heart
To persevere
Complete my life

You test my faith
God grant me wisdom
Help my spirit grow
Complete my life

There is No One Like You

(Bader/Bright) SOCAN, CCLI

Another collaboration, this one with a local friend, songwriter, and singer, Gabriella Bright.


Heal my heart
Answer me
Heal my heart
Teach your ways
Show me truth
Teach your ways

You have lifted me up
I will sing to you all day long
To your unfailing love
I will lift my soul

There is no one like you
You alone
All the nations will sing
To you, Lord
Hear my worship
Hear my song of praise

Turn to me
Give me strength
Turn to me
Guard my life
Keep me safe
Guard my life

Though my road has troubles
I will call you all day long
For your mercy and grace
I will lift my soul


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