Fun and Games

Here is a small collection of side projects and fun with others. Enjoy!


First, "Ca-Punc It."


Jessica Bader's recording debut. We recorded a cover of this classic. Jeremy Bader on drums. Jess on keys. Me on bass and guitar. Low-budget video compliments of cell phone footage and Jer's editing skills.


Two Dollops of Shampoo. My latest COVID creation. "ISO a flowbee...asking for a friend"


Sailing. This is my acoustic version of Christopher Cross' huge song. Crazy alternate tuning and my first try with a Boss VE-8.




Here's a parody entitled Smells Like Vegan Spirit. Lyrics by Jessica Bader, drums by Jeremy Bader; I'm playing the rest.


Facebook Friends from as far away as Nottingham, England contributed video clips to make this possible. Enjoy!



No fun, no game...just a new tune :)




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