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This is a small and eclectic EP collection of my songs. They don't fit on a worship EP nor do they fit on a cowboy EP! One thing remains: acoustic-based.

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The Songs

Every Bit of Love

(Bader) SOCAN

I wrote this song about and for my bealutiful wife, and surprised her with it as a first song for our wedding reception. The original recording was just me and my guitar; this one is more full-band. My brother is playing drums and Jay Schappert is on piano.

Forever and a Song

(Bader) SOCAN

A simple love song. Again, my talented friend Jay Schappert is playing piano.



Fast Food Nancy

(Bader, Wiebe) SOCAN

Fun. I co-wrote this song with my Vancouver buddy, Doug Wiebe.


One Way Winding

(Bader) SOCAN

Another simple love song.



Prairie Rose

(Bader) SOCAN

A love song for an Alberta girl.




The Love We've Found

(Bader/Carle) SOCAN

This was my first co-write ever. My friend Shawn Carle gave me the lyrics, knowing I was originally from the prairies. It was first recorded in the early 90's on an EP which was nominated EP of the year by the BCCMA! Didn't win, but it was pretty cool just the same:)

No More You

(Bader) SOCAN

Is it possible to have a super sad song that's a little tongue in cheek?


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